Who are the architects of the  Retreat Experience?



Shalom Melchizedek

Shalom Melchizedek is a Global Leader In Sex and Intimacy, Healing & Meditation

The Co-Founder Cosmic Sexuality

The Co-Founder Youniversal Meditation

A 4X Published Best Selling Author

Highest blessings! I AM Shalom Melchizedek. I have spent almost the past ten years on the path of remembrance. About halfway in on my journey of discovery, it became crystal clear that my burning desire to understand my existence was not mine alone, and millions have the same desire, and it’s embedded within humanity to eventually ask the question “Who am I” and “Why am I here”. Through my journey with the help of Source and my spirit guides, I have been able to successfully navigate from some very dark spaces in my life into spiritual freedom and coming to know what I truly am. Using my inner awareness and the tools of meditation, and sacred sexuality I have been able to reach incredible heights of consciousness that allow me to be of assistance and guide others on their path and expansion. I do this work alongside my partner Victoria and our son Jacob Victorious because I remember what it felt like when I needed help on my journey and it was not easy to find any assistance for the darkness I was in. I did have the guidance of my spirit and guides, but ultimately it was very difficult to navigate without any physical guides or mirrors. So my existence is here, to be of service as a guide and mirror to those who are on their pathway and are seeking within. I cannot do the work for you but I can offer great assistance and guidance as you do your own work, and I can guide you with clarity and deep experience. Some of the areas I specialize in but are not limited to are Guided meditation, Guided inner healing and Guided sacred and cosmic sexuality (This includes semen retention, cosmic orgasm, multi-orgasm development and more).  I look forward to serving you and being of service.  




Victoria Leanna 


Victoria Leanna is a Global Leader In Sex, Intimacy & Relationships

The Co-Founder Cosmic Sexuality

The Co-Founder Youniversal Meditation

A 3X Published Best Selling Author

A Forbes Featured Recording Artist

Victoria has written and published over 3 books, @learningtolovebook and @learningcosmicsexuality and helped thousands of women around the world grow into their most authentic self and find the most aligned path meant for them, through my in-person work, online courses, and 1-on-1 work thousands of goddesses have come in alignment with their soul and goddesshood. This retreat will contain all of this. Plus you will get tools for after the retreat as well to continue leveling up. Come to the life changing 3 day immersive retreat experience. Leave with tools to continue the expansion of your journey.

Cosmic Sexuality Founders Retreat


Cosmic Sexuality Founders retreat experience is designed to explore a deeper level of self, a deep unfolding into your sexual path, your intimate connection within relationships, and your world around you.

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Intimate In-Person Experience.

Limited Spaces.

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The Cosmic Sexuality Founders Retreat Experience 

Throughout this 3-day, 2 night LIVE in-person immersive experience starting on June 9th ending on June 11th, 2023, you will be given tools and embodiment work to support your experiential exploration and integration, develop practices to anchor you to your path in cosmic sexuality, connect very deeply to your source and orgasmic connection, dive deep into the comfort of your body and being, connect with the founders of Cosmic Sexuality Shalom Melchizedek and Victoria Leanna, and other individuals at the retreat, to support your journey, and create a plan to optimize your path, primary relationship and intimate relationships and move through live with confidence, alignment, and support.

There are Key Note Talks From the Founders, Workshops, and A Mixer to Connect with Others From The Community

Opening Mixer + Coming into alignment with your Cosmic Sexual Existence  

Meet the other retreat attendees, opening talk on the path of cosmic sexuality

Theme 1: Connecting to our Sexual Existence & Primary relationships

  • Certainty with our connection to source
  • Healing the mother/father wound
  • Claiming our Spiritual Sovereignty
  • Past Relationship clearing
  • Karmic Ties & The New Responsibility To The Karmic Family 

Theme 2: Aligning In Partnership:

  • Ending Crash and Burn Relationships
  • Inner Healing & Reclaiming Our Energetic Space
  • Healing From Past Relationships
  • Healing from Emotional /Sexual Abuse
  • Clearing Past Patterns & Resetting
  • Inner Intimacy Practice
  • Spiritual Devotion in Manifesting a Partner
  • Preparing for Partnership 
  • Aligning With A Suitable Partner
  • Choosing a Lover at your level

Theme 3: The Cosmic Orgasmic Woman & Cosmic Orgasm

  • Connecting To Our Divine Worth
  • Connecting to Our Cosmic Orgasmic Existence
  • Cosmic Orgasmic Alignment In Sex & Intimacy
  • The Constant State of Pleasure and Cosmic Orgasm
  • Guided cosmic orgasmic alignment experience 

Theme 4: The Cosmic Orgasmic Man & Cosmic Semen Retention 

  • What does it mean to be a cosmic orgasmic man
  • Mastery of cosmic semen retention
  • Power of Synergy during sex
  • Understanding the archetype of the cosmic orgasmic man


Parting Talk 

You will be taking part in the process of how to maximize the tools you gained beyond the retreat and into your daily life




Guided Orgasmic Alignment Experience

It is you coming into the embodiment of the cosmic orgasm alignment through the deep guidance guided by the founders. 

The cosmic orgasm alignment experience has been mastered and proven throughout years of work with individuals globally.This process allows you to increase your integration and embodiment quickly with a physical memory of the experience.

This is done in a safe space without touch, it is you connecting to you through the inner guidance of the cosmic sexuality founders and your inner guide. 

Tangible Alignment Plan 

Plus nightly reflection and journaling and around one hour per night of reading. Reading materials come from our books; it will include Learning To Love, Return of The Ancient Lover, and The Cosmic Orgasm Books.

Upon completion of the in-person work, your at home your continued mastery begins through accessing the online training and certification course.



As soon as you purchase your retreat ticket you will gain access to online courses to pre-prepare for the retreat. The course is 


  • Cosmic Sexuality 100HR Training and Certification 

What's Included In Your Retreat Package?

The Retreat Package Includes:

  • 4 star accommodation, Orlando Florida 
  • Cosmic Orgasm:The Journey and Pathway of Cosmic Sexuality Film viewing, followed by Q and A with founders
  • Copies of all of our print books, signed by founders
  • Cosmic Sexuality 200hr certification certificate (our current highest level) 
  • 3 months Access to 100HR Training Course
  • Meals Included (meal vouchers)
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The Cosmic Sexuality Founders Retreat  

is an transformative and immersive experience to explore and align with your sexual and spiritual path . It is an initiation into your full embodiment. Diving deep into concepts of sexuality, expansion, healing and transformation. 

Designed for open-minded, devoted individuals and facilitators (those who want to teach cosmic sexuality) who deal with high levels of uncertainty in areas of their sexual and spiritual path and for individuals who are wanting to deepen into their mastery and knowledge of cosmic sexuality to better lead and work with clients. 

All attendees will learn about the foundational understandings of cosmic sexuality and embodiment, learn about cosmic orgasm and cosmic orgasmic alignment, semen retention and be given the practices and tools to master their sexual and spiritual path, enhance their well being, and deepen intimate connections and source connection. 


In 2013, Cosmic Sexuality first began our in-person offerings through local meet ups in New York City called Sex In The City, from there Cosmic Sexuality was officially born as a larger framework for others to access. Cosmic Sexuality published its first book in 2016, we then launched our certification program which is now in 32 countries around the world.

 Through the certification program the in-person immersive retreats were brought forth. These began as intimate experiences at our Urban Monastery in Brooklyn, NY where the founders of Cosmic Sexuality worked intimately and 1-on-1 with individuals devoted to their spiritual path. With the request to make the in-person work more accessible, larger retreat experiences were executed and mastered where guests came from around the world to work directly with the founders of Cosmic Sexuality and our certified instructors.

The Cosmic Founders Retreat experience is designed for individuals who are devoted to their spiritual and sexual path and ready for a deep level of transformation.  

This program is for individuals new to cosmic sexuality, current or previous students of cosmic sexuality looking to go deeper, spiritual leaders/guides, and coaches. We’ve spent the last six years developing our in-person program and are now excited to offer in June 2023.

Intimate Experience With Very Limited Spaces.

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